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The US Department of Energy recommends that homes in Michigan have R49 (thermal resistance value) attic insulation. Unless retrofitted, most homes have attic insulation with a thermal resistance value as low as R19!

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Reduce Energy Consumption with More Home Insulation

America’s Pros will retrofit your attic insulation so that you can stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer as the price of natural gas and electricity increases. Plus you will save money on your energy bills all year long!

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America’s Pros uses only the best cellulose and fiberglass insulation available, including Applegate Cellulose Insulation that’s made right here in Michigan. University studies demonstrate the superior performance of blown in cellulose insulation over fiberglass insulation. So, adding cellulose insulation over-top of the BATT insulation in your attic is the best and most economical to make your home energy efficient year round!

America’s Pros, Inc. corporate offices are located in Rochester Michigan and have clients in, but not limited to, these cities: Troy, Royal Oak, Clawson, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Auburn Hills, Southfield, Utica, Sterling Heights and others around southeastern Michigan.